How Laundry pick up works

Central Ann Arbor

 Pick up Schedule

Every Sunday you will get Text message with laundry schedule, Usually Sun,Mon,Wed & Thurs. Text the day you prefer asap, if you request pick up same day just text before 4pm.


We start doing pick ups around 4pm, so all you have to do is leave laundry in area where we can grab it and text Laundry is available. Very important you text laundry is available, because a lot of customers forget to put laundry out and its hard for us to make 2 trips.  


For customers who want to hand us the laundry, just understand its more difficult and we need at least hour window your available between 5-8:30pm. 

* Any time you have Dry Cleaning always let the driver know. For example text laundry is available also have dry cleaning.




     We also deliver beverages

We go to Sams club every Sunday.

Dry Cleaning Days - Mon & Wed.