Why do laundry, when we can!

U of m student laundry plans

* Depending on the plan you pick, thats the amount of pounds you will have for the semester, use them how you like. 15 lbs minimum each pick up. Go over your pounds, $1.25 per pound additional.

* Every week you will get a message for laundry schedule, just reply a day that works for you. Deliveries start 4pm end at 8pm, either put laundry on porch and text laundry available or give us 30 minute window your available at the beginning of day between 4-8pm. For Example 11am text to us should say, hey available from 4-4:30pm.

Laundry Schedule -


Central Ann Arbor Schedule click here.

U of M Dorms Schedule click here


 * Plan expires end of Semester. ( start month late laundry plan transfers)

* Comforters & Dry Cleaning additional charges.

* We only use odor free sensitive soap.

* Any thing needs to be air dry or Dry clean put in separate bag with


4 dIfferent laundry Plans to pick from.

 180 Laundry Pounds

    You have 180 Pounds to use whenever you like for the semester, each pick up will be deducted until you reach 180 Pounds. If you go over pounds, $1.25 per pound or renew your plan.

Small Plan