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Please choose a plan below. The laundry pounds last for one semester (or about 4 months). You can use as many pounds as you want per week. We will keep a tally of usage and let you know when your pounds are used up. 
Pickups take place on Monday mornings.
On your first ever laundry pickup, write a note with your full name and address and place it inside your laundry bag. 
The majority of our customers choose to leave their bags on a porch or doorway for ease and efficiency during pickup.

You are always welcome to text or call us at (734) 883-6332 with any questions!

Please note that dry cleaning is not currently available!

Any clothes with special instructions should be kept in a smaller bag with a note within your large laundry bag.

 120 Laundry Pounds

    You have 120lbs to use whenever you like for the semester. Each pickup will be tallied until you reach 120lbs.

Small Plan


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