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Please choose a plan below. The laundry pounds last for one semester (or about 4 months). You can use as many pounds as you want per week. We will keep a tally of usage and let you know when your pounds are used up. The rate for laundry once you've gone over your limit is $1.50/lb.


Please be sure to check our pickup schedule to see when your residence/street or area is covered.


On your first ever laundry pickup, write a note with your full name and address and place it inside your laundry bag. 

The majority of our customers choose to leave their bags on a porch or doorway for ease and efficiency during pickup.

You are always welcome to text or call us at (734) 883-6332 with any questions!

Dry cleaning is available as well!

Any clothes with special instructions should be kept in a smaller bag with a note within your large laundry bag.

 90 Laundry Pounds

The type of person with a little laundry here or there that needs to be taken care of? This small laundry plan should do the trick!

Small Plan


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