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PICKUPS FOR Fall 2023 RESUME ON September 4th! 
We couldn't be more excited!
Pickup schedules are listed below (if street is not listed, please ask for clarification).
Dropoff is always next day regardless of area or housing unit!

Laundry must be out on porch by 8AM.
(labeled with full name and address)

***Due to changes brought about by COVID-19, we have found ourselves unable to service dorms or buildings that require laundry handoffs! So sorry for this inconvenience.


- S. Division

- Packard
- Liberty
- Monroe
- Tappan
- S. State
- Prospect
- Vaughn
- E. University
- Church
- Forest

- Geddes
- Observatory
- Lawrence

- Walnut
- Ingalls
- Oakland 
- Huron
- Olivia
- Hill
- Washtenaw
- S. University
- N. State
- N. Fifth
- N. Fourth

Please note that dry cleaning is not currently available!

Any clothes with special instructions should be kept in a smaller bag with a note within your large laundry bag.

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